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Crucial Things to Put into Consideration When Moving to A Microservices Architecture

There are numerous benefits that come with investing in microservices and adopting the architecture which explains why most business owners are moving towards the same today. But what should one do when they eventually choose to take the step? Life is also full of tradeoffs which explains why this useful post outlines some of the vital things that people should put in mind when moving to microservices architecture. Anyone that invests in microservices should also expect some challenges along the way even when they do everything right as discussed on this page.

The level of independence
It is essential for people to determine how much independent they want their services to be before moving to microservices architectures. It is in fact among the most significant decision that one has to make and they have to choose from the multiple options which include services with their own database and UI as well as those that share some components including the database. All one needs to do is determine their needs and research each of the options to determine the credibility of each one of them and they are good to do. Some of the things to look out for at the time include the pros and cons of each of the options and the ascertain which one is the most suitable one. Consistency of the option that one picks at the end of the day is also crucial when making such decisions as well.

Code of organization
There are several ways of organizing one’s codebase and the service seeker can create a repository for each of the service or a single mono repo for all the services as well and then have a folder for each of them in the long run. Just like for the level of independence, it is also vital to research all the available options and then determine the suitability and appropriateness of each one of them before picking the best in the end as well.

Technology Stack
Most people find the process of choosing the right technology stack for challenging and overwhelming especially for a monolithic application but it is unfortunate that any that moves to microservice architecture must make the decision. Most services that seem to be so appealing in theory may end up becoming so challenging in real and worse of the services are heterogeneous. Other tips to put in mind include operational complexity, constant delivery, and team organization and effectiveness.

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